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The Tomb of Khufukhaf I is an important and elaborately decorated tomb in the Eastern Cemetery at the Giza Plateau. The tomb was made for one of the most important people in the ancient Egyptian government at the time, Khufukhaf, who was buried here with his wife.

There are two tomb shafts in the tomb and many paintings on the walls depicting the Khufukhaf and his wife. The wall scenes also depict the many offerings that were brought to the tomb at the time of burial.

Henutsen (G I-c) Iretru (in G 7130-7140) Iuenka (in G 7130-7140) Khufu Nefretkau (G 7130-7140) Seshemuka (in G 7130-7140) Shebeniset (in G 7130-7140) Wahibre (in G 7130-7140) Wetka (in G 7130-7140)
George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942
Khufu to end of Dynasty 4
Stone-built mastaba
Khufukhaf [I] (G 7130-7140)