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The Khufu Valley Temple is a temple near the Great Pyramid in Giza, and a part of the funerary complex that was used for the burial rituals for Khufu. The whole complex included the Khufu Pyramid, Khufu Pyramid Temple, and Khufu Valley Temple. Different rituals for the burial were performed in each temple and pyramid.

This follows the pattern of the other monuments at Giza: the Khafre Pyramid and Menkaure Pyramid similarly have pyramid temples and valley temples, except the Khafre Pyramid complex also incorporates the Great Sphinx and Sphinx Temple as well.

The Khufu Pyramid complex is the oldest of the major pyramid complexes at the Giza Plateau. The Giza Plateau is unique because it was used only for a few generations who built the iconic pyramids that we know today–before being abandoned for almost a millenia.

The Khufu Valley Temple has been incorporated into the modern city of Giza, or the greater Cairo metropolitan area, today. In ancient times, the entrance was on the east side of the temple, and banks of the Nile likely came right up to the front of the Temple.