Khufu’s Pyramid Temple was a part of Khufu’s Pyramid complex, where the Pharaoh Khufu was buried, including Khufu’s Pyramid, or the Great Pyramid, Pyramid Temple, Valley Temple, and a monumental causeway from the Valley Temple to the Pyramid Temple. During burial, the body of Khufu was mummified in the Valley Temple and then brought along the monumental causeway to the Pyramid Temple where other various religious ceremonies and rituals were performed.

Unfortunately, today not much is left of the remaining architecture of the Pyramid Temple. Most of it has been taken other places to build other temples, tombs, or even houses in the nearby city of Giza, a suburb of modern-day Cairo. If you visit the Giza Plateau today, you’ll see the paving stones of the temple that remain and not much otherwise.

If the temple was similar to the Pyramid Temple of Khafre nearby, it may have had several niches where statues of Khufu were placed. Only a single image of Khufu remains to this day, and it’s only a few inches or centimeters high. All other images have been lost or destroyed.