The Sphinx Temple is a temple in front of the paws of the Great Sphinx where special religious activities pertaining to the Sphinx were observed. The temple was built out of the stone that was cut from around the Sphinx’s body while they were carving it from the limestone outcropping.

The Sphinx Temple was never fully completed, but it may be roughly contemporary with the nearby Khafre Valley Temple, which was a part of Khafre’s pyramid complex, including Khafre’s Pyramid, Pyramid Temple, and Valley Temple. To the South of the Sphinx is the causeway from Khafre’s Valley Temple to Pyramid Temple.

Today, the Sphinx Temple is closed for visitors, and only those with special permission are able to visit the area between the paws of the Sphinx and temple.

Selim Hassan (Bey), Egyptian, 1886–1961; Émile Baraize, French, 1874–1952.
Sphinx Temple

Excavated 1936-1937 by Hassan.