Khafre’s Valley Temple is a part of the pyramid complex that included Khafre’s Pyramid, Pyramid Temple, and Valley Temple–as well as the Great Sphinx and Sphinx Temple. This is similar to the two major pyramids on the Giza Plateau: a pyramid, pyramid temple, and valley temple. Khafre’s Valley Temple is much better preserved than Khufu’s Valley Temple that predated it.

Khafre’s Valley Temple is position right next to the Sphinx Temple and Great Sphinx. In ancient times, the banks of the Nile River would have come right up to the foundations of the Valley Temple.

There was a monumental causeway that connected Khafre’s Valley Temple to Khafre’s Pyramid Temple. During the burial of the pharaoh in the Pyramid, there were various rituals and rites performed in the Valley Temple before the mummy of the pharaoh was taken up the causeway to the Pyramid Temple and eventually buried inside the burial chamber in the pyramid.

Many niches were discovered in Khafre’s Valley Temple where statues of the pharaoh would have been placed.

François Auguste Ferdinand Mariette, French, 1821–1881; Georg Steindorff, German, 1861–1951; Sir William Flinders Petrie, British, 1853–1942.
Dynasty 4