The Khafre Pyramid temple is right next to Khafre’s pyramid on the Giza Plateau and is a part of the pyramid complex that includes the Khafre Pyramid, Pyramid Temple, Valley Temple, and monumental causeway between the Valley Temple and Pyramid Temple.

The Khafre Pyramid Temple was an important area for the rituals of the burial of the pharaoh in the pyramid and his worship after death. The burial procession conducted various rituals first at the Valley Temple, where the waters of the Nile would have reached in ancient times, then moved the body of the pharaoh up the monumental causeway from the Valley Temple to the Pyramid Temple, and finally took the body of the pharaoh into the burial chamber inside the pyramid.

Khafre’s Pyramid complex is unique also because it includes the Great Sphinx and Sphinx Temple as well.

Through excavation of the temple, it was determined that there were likely over 50 statues of the pharoah inside the Pyramid Temple, but these along with the columns and much of the stone that constructed the temple originally was removed to build other monuments over the years.

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Khafre Mortuary Temple
Dynasty 4