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This black granite sarcophagus was uncovered in the burial chamber of the Tomb of Queen Meresankh III. Inside was found the body of Queen Meresankh, mostly disassembled and just bones and mummy wrappings–the mummy was not preserved.

Unfortunately, the lid had already been opened, probably by tomb robbers, and the coffins that would have been placed inside the sarcophagus were stolen along with many of the other offerings that Meresankh had been buried with.

The sarcophagus was carved from a single piece of black granite and decorated with elaborate hieroglyphs and carvings.

The sarcophagus was inscribed with the name of Queen Hetepheres II, the mother of Queen Meresankh III, but the name of Hetepheres was scratched out and nearby was written “I give this sarcophagus to Meresankh, who was loved.” This led many to believe that Meresankh had an early and unexpected death, before that of her mother’s.

Tomb equipment-Coffins and sarcophagi
Grand Egyptian Museum
Grand Egyptian Museum
Height: 81 cm; lid: 16 cm Width: 90 cm Length: 218 cm Weight: 4131 kg
G 7530-7540: pit G 7530 A
In the collection of: Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM_45475, formerly EMC_JE_54935)
Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, reign of Khufu
Grand Egyptian Museum